Zillow's 2016 Predictions and the CO Market

Posted by Isaac Mittan on Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 at 7:00am

As partners of Zillow and Trulia, iHOMES COLORADO closely follows all information they share with the public. We wanted to share some of our thoughts on their recently published article titled “Zillow's 2016 Forecast: Suburban Living Heats Up”.

2016 brings a significant amount of opportunities for home buyers and sellers. Denver is the #3 easiest city to find employment according to Forbes. With 93 jobs being posted for every 1000 residents this opens up a new world of possibilities for those looking to advance in their careers or jump into a new career. New homes are also being built daily in the surrounding counties of Denver which means inventory is increasing in our area.

Zillow's 2016 Predictions and the CO Market
Let's take a look at Zillow's thoughts for 2016:

  1. First time home buyers are on average about 3 years older than they were in the '80s. This means that their schedules are a lot busier and the standard practice of home buying may not be the most beneficial for them. iHOMES COLORADO is in position to help all first time buyers with our easy and convenient showing services through our website which allows buyers to schedule showings on their own and when its most convenient for them. Our team of agents partner together allowing for an increased availability for our clients to see homes when its most convenient for them. Please visit iHOMESCOLORADO.com to get started.


    Zillow's 2016 Predictions and the CO Market

  2. Rising home values may price out low income Americans which means that they may not be able to afford even the lowest priced homes. We believe in helping everyone at every income level. The reality of increasing home values is that it impacts everyone, no matter what income level they may be at. Our team of lenders can help with many low income grants and down payment assistance. They work with several government programs to help you get into a home. Our exclusive buyer services focus 100% of their time in finding homes for all income levels. It is a great time for buyers to purchase with these increased values because their homes may immediately have increased equity.


  3. In 2016, rent prices will continue to increase bringing the median rent higher than ever. This will drive many renters to explore first-time home buying. While many owners do not want to be landlords, increased values may entice current home owners to sell their properties and upgrade their home or pay off any expenses. iHOMES COLORADO is here to help in both situations.


  1. The suburbs will be the new urban lifestyle in 2016 because the suburbs will be walkable and include amenities found in an urban setting. With increasing prices people will relocate outside cities in search for homes that are affordable. Colorado suburbs offer locations close to transportation as home values continue to increase and our transportation system keeps improving as more people relocate to Colorado. Please use our home search at iHOMESCOLORADO.com to search specific suburban neighborhoods that fit your needs.

     Zillow's 2016 Predictions and the CO Market

  2. Housing and economic experts determined that home growth values would grow to about 3.5% in 2016 in their Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey. Of course this survey includes the entire country; in Colorado the 30 year trend in home value increase has been roughly 6%. Please use our free home value tool to find the current market value for your Colorado home.


No matter what your situation is, don't let these numbers scare you. We can help you find your perfect home or sell your current home for the best value possible. Find out how iHOMES COLORADO can help YOU. We offer many tools on our website to help you and we are also a phone call away. Our advice is 100% FREE.

 Zillow's 2016 Predictions and the CO Market


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