Why do you want to buy a home and how do you want to live your life?

Posted by The Team at iHOMES COLORADO on Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 at 4:37pm

Why do you want to buy a home and how do you want to live your life? In today’s ‘Real Estate, Real Life in 3 Minutes or Less’ Justen and Gavin take you through some of the real reasons people are buying a home in Colorado.

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Today's guest speaker:

Gavin Monjaras is a Broker Associate at iHOMES COLORADO specializing in helping homeowners sell their homes. He loves helping buyers too. He can be reached at: 720-456-1400 or gmonjaras@ihomescolorado.com



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Real Estate, Real Life in 3 Minutes or Less

I’m here with Gavin Monjaras

We’ve got an exciting topic today

So when you start thinking about these videos

Well, why do we do them?

It’s really hopefully to help people have some content

Make some decisions

Especially when it comes to transferring the thoughts of real life

Which always go into

“Well, what happens in Real Estate?”

So we start thinking about real life

The fears, the worries

All the “Whats” that happen that lead us to take some action

And I think that it’s very, very transferrable when you think about Real Estate

That so often we get stuck on

What’s going on

Instead of

“Why do I want a home? How do I want to live my life?”

“Is this a good decision?”

And taking that from really more of a heartfelt center

As opposed to just

What’s going on in real estate?

And making a decision from there

And I figured

Nobody better than Gavin with me today

Just talking about,

Well, hey... I know what’s going on in a lot of our videos in real estate

But at the end of the day

It’s really about what’s going on in people’s real life

And so,

“Why would I buy a home?” and sticking to really what’s important for you

Gavin, what are your thoughts when it comes to

Why people buy homes instead of just listening to what’s happening today?

How to make a good decision long-term and

“Why should I buy a home?”


Gavin: Thanks Justen!

I’m glad that you brought that up

There is a big difference between ‘what’ and ‘why’

So, when you talk about

Reasons that people do invest in real estate

A lot of times they are making their decisions based on what’s happening

Rather than thinking about the long-term

And so when we talk about ‘why’

You really talk about

The long-term or future investments

For families, for individuals

Not all people have a family or kids right now

But it still is a decision that you can make

Based on your future

You have so many options when it comes to

Using equity in a home

If you talk about home equity lines of credit

There are all sorts of things where you can use

The equity that you built through home ownership

To make that future a little bit brighter for your kids

For your wife, for a family

And so many other things


Justen: I love the topic and the reason why

Is because you start think about

Well, what’s going on in Colorado is causing a lot of people to have

Fears, worries, the loss of maybe

“I can’t get a home in the future”

And the truth of the matter is really

Why you go buy a home is for the purpose of

Things you want to accomplish long-term

And when you start thinking about long-term investments

Colorado homes have appreciated about 6% over the last 30 years

And so when you start thinking about

“Hey, why do I go buy a home?”

Well, you think about the fact that

“I want to invest in something that will give to my future”

And the best part is that it ties back to

Not real estate but the real life portion of

Why I love what we get to do

And hanging with you and the people we have

Is that it’s not the relationship in helping them just buy the home

It’s the relationship in the future

And the years that they’re living in that home

And so again, hopefully slowing down a little bit on

What’s happening in the Colorado market to remember just

The life you want to live and why buy a home

Make sure that it fits into the purpose you want to have long-term

And then you can capitalize on a lot of the great things

That can come when times are good

And so again, Gavin Monjaras


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