What Conversations do You Have at The Dinner Table? Real Estate, Real Life in 3 minutes or less.

Posted by The Team at iHOMES COLORADO on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 at 9:26am

What conversations do you have around your dinner table? Do you have any of these concerns like Cindy and Tiffany do?

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Today's speakers:

Justen, Tiffany and Cindy

Cindy Jeffcoat is a Broker Associate at iHOMES COLORADO specializing in helping buyers find their perfect home. She can be reached at 720-315-2445 or cindylou@ihomescolorado.com

Tiffany Traxler is a Broker Associate at iHOMES COLORADO specializing in helping buyers find their perfect home. She can be reached at 720-209-6347 or ttraxler@ihomescolorado.com


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Justen: IHOMES coming to you

Real Estate, Real Life, 3 Minutes or Less

Very excited for today’s topic!

And when you have a great topic, you have to have great people

And I have two of my favorite people today with me

Cindy and Tiffany

And I know as a real estate company we always love talking about our jobs

Love talking about the people we get to help

Sometimes, probably too much to where we think that everybody else talks about real estate all the time

And the one thing I hear from real estate agents, myself and all of us included, is boy! People talk about real estate at the dinner table all the time

Well, once I realized that’s not true

What they talk about is the type of life they want to live at the dinner table all the time

The decisions they want to make

And what they really want to accomplish within how they want to live their life

And so

What are the values of these conversations?

Well, it’s purely to help us make decisions

And I think many times we’ve had great conversations at the dinner table that have lead to making some decisions

And so to our topic today

Let me ask you Cindy

What conversations have you had at the dinner table?

Cindy: So, some of the things we talked about whenever it came to the type of career we wanted to live was

What we are going to do with our 1 year old daughter

Whether that’s we are going to put her in more daycare

Or if we are going to have somebody come in our home and take care of her

Some of the other things that we thought about with our 17 year old is

With him moving off to another place, another town, or even another state

That definitely has an impact as to where we live as well because

We want it to be

Even whenever he comes home, he still has a place

So even still having a big enough place for him to come back to

Is very important to us

Justen: And that is my favorite

Is that these conversations there is a difference

On how we make our decisions based on where we live

And Tiffany

How about you?

What type of conversations have you and your fiancé been having at the dinner table?

Tiffany: Well Justen, I am excited to say we did just get engaged

Justen: YES!!!

Tiffany: I know

Our conversations are a lot about

Where we are going to have the wedding

Who we are inviting

Where we are going for our honeymoon, the exciting part

And how we are going to afford all that

Where we are going to go the next steps from there

Justen: Tiffany, this is my favorite

Because again, it’s those conversations you have at the dinner table that are everything about real life

Nothing about real estate


Our real life just starts to fall into where we live and how we go about living there

And so I’m sure that with the wedding and everything else going on

There is something around where you’re living that

Might be impacting the decisions you gotta make and so tell me a little bit more about that

Tiffany: Absolutely

So, maybe not the wedding so much but obviously after the wedding

We are potentially starting to think about children

So now we have to starting thinking about what school district we’re living in

Do we have a house that’s big enough for us to grow into?

So, definitely still in the back of my mind there always is where we’re living

Justen: Your stories and these today

Are definitely our favorite

When it comes to how to raise a 1 year old

What do you do when you are raising a 17 year old?

To how do you have the wedding of your dreams

The one thing we know is that nobody wants to get pushed into a conversation about real estate

However, when the conversations at your dinner table have pulled you into a conversation about

Do we need to move?

Where should we live?

Where is the best place for our family?

What I want you to do

Is take action, make a decision

Just like the ladies talked about today

Click the link below

And pull us towards you to help you when it comes

To buying a home or selling a home


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