Tips for Selling Your Home: Preparing for Photos

Posted by The Team at iHOMES COLORADO on Thursday, March 17th, 2016 at 11:37am

3 Key Areas to Focus on When Getting Your Home Ready for Pictures



Do you remember how you felt when you first saw your home? Do you remember what drew you to that home? The reasons and features that you loved about your home will most likely be the same reasons a potential buyer will be drawn to your home. We don't want you to loose a potential buyer because the pictures of your home didn't showcase your home in the best way possible. Pictures are the first impression of your home to potential buyers and having it look its very best on picture day is so important. Proper pictures will show your home in its best light and should help to highlight its greatest features. Based on pictures, it will take a potential buyer a matter of seconds to decide whether they are interested in your home or not. We understand that getting your home ready for pictures can feel a bit overwhelming because you have a lot on your plate already. We've made it our goal to help clarify the process with this short video and blog. Following these 3 steps will help your home look its best in photographs.
Tips for Selling Your Home: Preparing for Photos

1. De-clutter the Space

  • Simplifying the space is key because it helps to remove any distractions to the actual home. We want potential buyers to see how much space is available for their own personal belongings vs. how little space they have because they see clutter.
  • Clear off counters by removing items you'd use on a daily basis such as: mail, keys, dish drainers, small appliances, food, etc.
  • Remove miscellaneous items from floors such as: children's toys, trash bins, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, etc.

Tips for Selling Your Home: Preparing for Photos

2. Put Personal Items Away

  • Removing personal items like: family photographs, children's drawings, trophies, awards, etc. will not only allow the buyer to envision themselves in the home but it will also remove any potential distractions and protect your identity.

3. Remove Pets and Pet Items

  • Put away any pet toys, items, cages, food, and dishes. On picture day, make sure that all pets can be moved to a separate room or be with a day sitter. The goal is to make sure no potential buyer is turned away; some people may have severe pet allergies and some might not care for pets.

We'll be sharing more tips on the blog and our website to help you sell your home soon.

 Tips for Selling Your Home: Preparing for Photos

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