Thoughtful Risk Or Thoughtless Caution?

Posted by The Team at iHOMES COLORADO on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 at 4:22pm

Are you taking thoughtful risks or thoughtless caution? Sometimes we take thoughtless caution thinking we are taking thoughtful risks. In today’s “Real Estate, Real Life, in 3 Minutes or less” we have Justen and Landon talking a little bit about both.

Click here to read the latest home trends in the Denver Area. A big thank you to our peers at First Alliance Title for providing this report.

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Justen and Landon


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Real Estate, Real Life, 3 Minutes or Less

Excited today

I have Landon Stafford with us and the reason being

Is many people have probably heard

The Feds are going to increase interest rates

Which starts to get a lot of people feeling different emotions

And the reason being is I know a lot of the emotions we have

Is our love for our state

Our love for the people that are here

But, a lot of people have different emotions around the affordability of living in Colorado

Whether that be raising kids

Putting kids in daycare

Driving cars

Buying homes. And so obviously the real estate portion

We are here to help

But I have you here to help us when it comes to something else

Which is how to take some risks

And so at the bottom of the screen

We actually have the most recent quarterly trends update for you

In that trends report you’ll actually find it’s never been more affordable to buy a home

Even with some of the interest rates that are going to occur

When you look at how the affordability was in owning homes over the last 30 years

And so now, when you’re processing all those emotions in the news today

Let’s kick real estate out of there

Let’s bring it back to real life

And making decisions, taking risks

I have Landon here because when it comes to some of your personal experience

But more importantly

What should we do to make some good decisions

Calculated decisions, not thoughtless decisions

I figured nobody better than you to have today

Landon: Thank you Justen

I really appreciate this opportunity to talk about this

For a lot of folks, taking risks can be stressful

Especially if we are not taking creative risks

Especially when we don’t have the knowledge

We don’t have the people, we don’t have our loved ones in our lives that can help us and assist us

And it can certainly lead to a lot of stress and fear that can handcuff us from the things that we truly want

And with these thoughtless risks

They can become destructive

And I truly feel that

They can be a lot more wasteful

And can certainly lead to thoughtless caution

And that caution can keep us from

What we truly, truly want in our lives

So, this thoughtless caution can definitely hold us back and keep us from seizing all the opportunities that we truly want for ourselves

For our family, for our friends, for our community

And that’s where when we work together

When we find the resources that we need

When we get the knowledge that we absolutely have to have

To make decisions for the better of ourselves and for our loved ones

Whether it’s starting a new job

Whether it’s buying a new car

Whether it’s going to get some new furniture for your new house

Whatever it may be

Just always remember that

Taking a calculated risk

Taking a thoughtful risk is far better than taking and choosing thoughtless caution

Justen: So many of us have ran into making thoughtless decisions

Instead of calculated decisions

Taking calculated risks and so I caution everybody

If you’re afraid, you’re worried

You don’t know what can you accomplish when it comes to really, real estate is

Click on the link below

Talk to somebody at iHOMES COLORADO

We’re in it for you, we’re here for you

And when it comes to affordability

Read the trends report that is provided for you below

Don’t listen to everybody else about how hard it is to buy a home

Listen to the right thoughts

Which is making the best decision for your family

And when it comes to anything else around decision making

You can also reach out to us because Landon will help you with the real life aspect of it


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