Real Estate, Real Life in 3 minutes or less: CHFA Down Payment Assistance in Colorado

Posted by The Team at iHOMES COLORADO on Monday, February 13th, 2017 at 11:42am

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Justen: IHOMES COLORADO coming to ya

Real Estate, Real Life in 3 minutes or less

Today we have a very exciting topic

Many times people are trying to get you to drink the “cool-aid”

And when the “cool-aid” is maybe something that you’re trying to be sold

What we actually have is something that people are really thirsty for

And that is help with down payment assistance

As we know in Colorado right now there is a lot of things going on with the rental market that are making life very difficult for some of us

And so when we start thinking about how thirsty we are in Colorado as renters to get into homeownership

We have some aid for you today

When we start looking at some of the information

Over the last 3 years in Colorado, we’ve experienced about 10% per year (on average) rent growth which has made it very difficult for a lot of people to save money

So when you think about owning a home, you think about the costs that are involved in it

Well guess what?

A lot of renters are thirsty for home ownership

But guess what?

We also need some aid

And so when it comes to the rental market and down payment assistance

Boy, we know people are thirsty and we got some aid for you

Mike, come on in my friend

Let’s think about what kind of aid we have for all these thirsty renters out there looking to learn more about home ownership

 The first thing I think about is something called CHFA (Colorado Housing and Finance Authority)

Which is restarting their down payment assistance grants

Mike why don’t you tell us a little bit more about that

Mike: Yes sir! So

Right now the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority launched a program Monday that will provide qualified buyers with up to 5% grant for the purchase of their home

Some interesting things are

You do not have to pay back this money that you receive in the form of a grant

And, you only need a 620 FICO score

Justen: 620?!

Mike: Yeah

So it’s a really, really, cool program

CHFA expects over 3,000 people to take advantage of this program

There is a finite amount of money within it

So my advice to any potential homebuyers out there is to take advantage of it as soon as you can before it runs out

Justen: Alright, well I’ll tell you this

Our thirst aid, Mr. Mike Harness

I’m very excited for that of our thirsty people out there looking. How do I get involved in home ownership?

And when we look at a grant towards your downpayment as well as closing costs upwards of 5% of your purchase price

I’m very excited about CHFA’s program this year

I also know that when we start thinking about how thirsty you are with that

That a lot of people are also thirsty when it comes to Starbucks and so… that as a Starbucks giftcard down there.

The first person who shares our video is gonna get some thirst when it comes to aid with a $5 Starbucks giftcard

So, iHOMES COLORADO and Mike Harness

Justen and Mike: In it for you!

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