Have you talked yourself out of making a decision in order to see what happens?

Posted by The Team at iHOMES COLORADO on Monday, June 19th, 2017 at 12:18pm

Are you waiting to make a decision? Have you talked yourself out of making a decision in order to see what happens? In today’s Real Estate, Real Life in 3 Minutes or Less, Tiffany has some great advice on those key moments before you talk yourself out of making a decision.

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Today's guest speaker:

Tiffany Traxler is a Broker Associate at iHOMES COLORADO specializing in helping buyers find their perfect home. She can be reached at 720-209-6347 or ttraxler@ihomescolorado.com


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Real Estate, Real Life, 3 Minutes or Less

I have one of my favorite people, Ms. Tiffany Traxler here today

And also, probably, a really exciting topic when you start thinking about

Why the content for these videos?

And what it comes down to is

How often the decisions we make in our real life really flow into the decisions we have to make when you start thinking about real estate

And so, one of those things is

A lot of times, what we listen to from other people on what we think is going to happen and then when that happens we might make a decision

And I think that that is something we can relate to in our real life

But also something, right, that a lot of people are relating to in real estate which we’ll talk about a little bit more later

When it comes to real life and then what you’re seeing out there Tiffany

Tell us a little bit more about how people

Can make some decisions on what they want to do


Tiffany: You know, and I think it just comes down to making the decision

There is an awesome speaker I love, Mel Robbins

And she talks about the 5 second rule

And that’s really all it takes when it comes to

Working out, making healthy eating decisions

If you want to talk to your boss about where you want to go in your career

Anything like that

Really, it’s about those 5 seconds

And people so often talk themselves out of things

When it’s just making the decision

Not, waiting to find out where it goes

You have to just do it in order to make yourself happy

And get yourself a better life that you are proud of


Justen: And so when it comes to such a large financial decision

Our real life it’s a little bit easier maybe counting backwards: 5,4,3,2,1 and making sure that we do something before that

When it comes to such a big decision in real estate

What’s something that, with the action that people take, they can start applying that to maybe making a smarter decision for their long-term goals with real estate?


Tiffany: Right, well one of the biggest things is most people look online and they’re looking at all these houses and all this information is getting thrown at them

But really all that you have to do is start with a real estate review and sit down with someone and talk about what it’s going to take to get you to your goals and what it’s going to take to get you into that home that you love

So, the biggest thing is

Taking that 5,4,3,2,1 and don’t go buy a house!

But just schedule a time to sit down with someone

You know, just find out really what you need and what it’s going to take to get you there


Justen: Right. I love it and I think for one of the reasons why you bring that up

Is it’s the decision to go talk to somebody

But then also to make sure that you take the time to make the right decision

And I think right now, a lot of people are listening to individuals and what they are deciding to do in purchasing a home is maybe waiting for a period of where they feel like Colorado’s market changes a little bit for the better to be a homeowner

And the reality is that

At the beginning of this year Core Logic thought that Colorado homes would appreciate about 6%

And so the last couple of years of almost 10% appreciation

People are kind of waiting for some things to slow down

But, just last month, and the month before, Colorado has appreciated at 1.2% for 2 straight months

And so you start thinking about it

The slowdown might not be happening and so the reality is

If we’re waiting for something to happen in the future

For a lot of us a home will always be there but maybe not the exact home we wanted today

And so the advice from Tiffany

Go talk to somebody

Understand that the affordability though with rates, with also when you look at just the overall income levels that people are making and the homes that are available, it’s the best time to be a homeowner but don’t wait

5,4,3,2,1. Call Tiffany Traxler


Tiffany: Come see me!


Justen: Come see her!



Tiffany: In It For You

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