Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Isaac Mittan on Friday, October 16th, 2015 at 7:00am

We are not too deep into fall just yet but with the potential of snow being just around the corner, it is important to get your home ready for the cold. Being surprised with unwelcome issues in the heart of winter is no fun and can be dangerous so that is why it is important to prepare your home now with this fall home maintenance checklist. We've put together a list of indoor and outdoor maintenance tasks to keep your home in good working order for the winter. We've also put together a list of some of our partners at the very bottom of this post who can help you with some of these tasks.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Outdoor Fall Home Maintenance Checklist


Rake leaves and trim back tree branches: Rake fallen leaves and dispose them according to your city regulations or use them as compost. Trim any tree branches that may look dead or weak that hang near the home or areas where they can pose a threat if they fall. Heavy snow, rain or wind can easily bring these branches down.


Cut back any perennials and remove dead annual plants: The great thing about perennial plants is that they come back (there are very few exceptions where extreme weather will kill them). Cut back your perennials once they look like they've died off and apply fresh mulch to help protect them during the winter months.


Shut off water to exterior valves and sprinkler systems: If you have any exterior faucets, shut off the water that goes to them and drain them so they don't freeze. Unplug any hoses and store them for the winter time. If you have a water irrigation system, shut off the water to it to prevent it from freezing and getting damaged. Follow these great tips from this 9News.com on how to protect your sprinkler system from freezing.


Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Store outdoor furniture and cushions: If you do not have a place to store outdoor furniture you can purchase covers online to protect them from the winter. Umbrellas should be closed for the winter to avoid them from being blown over. If you have the space, store them for the winter to avoid moisture build-up.


Gutters: Have your gutters cleaned and checked. If you have trees near your home, you will most likely have to have them cleaned at mid fall and then again when all the leaves have fallen off the trees.


Check roof: Inspecting your roof or having a licensed professional do it will save you a headache later when the weather starts to turn. You want to avoid having any leaks coming from your roof. Make sure you also check the flashing around your chimney(s), pipes and skylights.


Check windows: It is important to check all windows and doors to make sure they are weather-tight. If you do find any drafts or cracks you can repair those with caulk or weather stripping.


Be snow ready: If you have a snow blower, check to make sure that it is in proper working order. Have shovels, salt and sand ready for snow.


Fall Home Maintenance Checklist


Indoor Fall Home Maintenance Checklist


Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors: It is a good rule of thumb to replace batteries of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors right around the start and end of daylight savings time.


Don't forget the attic: Check your attic to make sure that your insulation is intact and that there are no leaks coming from the roof.


Inspect fireplaces: Before the cold weather sets in your fireplaces should be inspected and cleaned to make sure they are in good working order. This step will help prevent any potential fires.


Fall Home Maintenance Checklist


Service your HVAC: In addition to replacing the air filter, it is good practice to hire a pro to come out, check and service your furnace. If your home is heated by a hot water radiation then check out this Wiki How article on how to service it.


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