Do you have someone fighting for you when buying a home?

Posted by The Team at iHOMES COLORADO on Monday, May 15th, 2017 at 11:31am

Do you have someone fighting for you when buying a home? Today, TJ Zasa is here to fight for you when buying a home. 

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Today's guest speaker:

TJ Zasa is a Broker Associate at iHOMES COLORADO specializing in helping first time home buyers find their perfect home. He can be reached at 720-982-2001 or 


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Gavin: Welcome back everybody, iHOMES COLORADO

Real Estate, Real Life, 3 Minutes or Less

Today, we are going to be discussing

A real life fight that many people have

Which is with money

And today I actually have a fighter with me that also fights on behalf of first time home buyers

TJ Zasa

The challenge that most people face

Is that their careers don’t provide raises to match the money that can be made through home ownership

The one opportunity that we all have and can take advantage of

Is the equity and net worth gained through home ownership


What can we do to fight for first time home buyers?

And what can they gain through home ownership?


TJ: Well Gavin, thank you for asking that

That’s actually what I’m here to share with you today

As a first time home buying specialist

I just want to share some of the things that you should be looking for

As a first time home buyer

In your real estate professional

Now, the first thing I will tell you

As an expert in the area of first time home buyers myself

Is that failure is not an option

Just because you’re a first time home buyer

Doesn’t mean that you should have less of an opportunity

At the dream of home ownership

None of the clients that I’ve had, that are first time home buyers

Have had trouble finding, winning and then moving into their home

Now, one thing you can bet on in this market

Is that you are going to have a fight on your hands

Thankfully we are equipped to take care of that here at iHOMES COLORADO

And one of the things that we do

Not only do we make sure that you don’t get beat up out there in that fight

But we’re actually going to teach you how to take the fight back to the market

One of the best examples that I have of this

Is the inspection process

Right now, sellers are throwing a lot of heavy body blows at buyers during the inspection process

One of the things that you need

Is an agent that isn’t afraid to throw a few upper cuts back

And fight back for your right to have the safe, hazard-free, and even enjoyable home that you are looking to move into

Now, when all of these things in this process goes perfectly right

We have stories, such as one of my clients

That I’m very proud to share with you today

One of my clients, over a year ago

We got him and his wife and their 7 month old son

Into their first town home

Now, we fought very hard for their right to find that first town home

Here we are 12 months later

We’re actually helping them list and sell their home

They’re going to make over 20 thousand dollars profit

Which is going to enable them, and again I tell you

Just over a year to move into that dream home

The detached home with the big back yard

That’s going to be perfect for their now, year and a half old son

So, one thing I can tell you

It doesn’t always go that perfect

But there is one thing that we know for sure

You have to put yourself in the fight


We’re going to make sure that at the end of the day

You are standing with your hand raised

In your new home

And make sure you feel like the champion you should


Gavin: So I think TJ said it best

Here at iHOMES COLORADO we are taking the fight to the market

So with TJ Zasa


In It For You

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