Did you know that the amount of showings per listing have dropped in the month of July to the levels back to 2014?

Posted by The Team at iHOMES COLORADO on Friday, July 14th, 2017 at 5:46pm

Did you know that the amount of showings per listing have dropped in the month of July to the levels back to 2014? Are you celebrating or are you nervous? Korey Wacker takes you through 3 must-know tips for selling your home.

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Today's guest speaker:

Korey Wacker is a Broker Associate at iHOMES COLORADO specializing in helping first time home buyers find their perfect home. He can be reached at 720-380-0190 or kwacker@ihomescolorado.com

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Real Estate, Real Life in 3 Minutes or Less

Exciting day today!

People are celebrating

And who is celebrating?

Well, home buyers are


The average amount of showings per listing just dropped in the month of July to levels back to 2014

And so when you start thinking about the ability to get into a home

It is much easier now as a homebuyer when you look at competition

And so again, I know homebuyers are celebrating and that’s very exciting

But what about home sellers?

Well, guess what?

Home sellers are still excited too!

And the reason being is that home values are still at an all-time high

And appreciation rates still continue to rise in Colorado

And so when you start thinking about that celebration

We know the buyers are

But we want to have a party where sellers are celebrating exactly the same way

And so who do I have with me?

The life of a party, Mr Korey Wacker

And so when you start thinking about any party you have

You want great people around

And guess what? As a home seller

You want a party at the end of it

When it comes to the profits you received

And feel like a celebration was with the right people

And so, Korey share with us a little bit of what people need

When you look at selling a home to make sure that they are celebrating like home buyers as well


Korey: Absolutely J!

And, the reason why I am here is truly to encourage you

To find out what is going to assist you

In driving that foot traffic as best as possible

In this still amazing Colorado market

And I have 3 key tips that I really want you to focus on

When driving your foot traffic

Inviting as many people into your home is the first thing I really want you to focus on

Is going to be social media marketing

The power of social media today is unbelievable

There are over 5 million people that live in the state of Colorado

And out of those 5 million, over 4 million are internet users

That being said

2.5 millions of those actually have Facebook

It’s so amazing how many people can stay connected without even being next to you

So that’s going to be the first and most important part

Is driving that traffic through social media

The second part is over and upward of roughly 90% of showings

At least the first one, are done online

And so the most important part is making sure that your photos and your videos of your specific property

Are going to be top-notch because the first time

A person is going to want to decide if they come to your house or not

Is going to be sitting at home right in front of their own laptop

Or their own smart phone

And so giving them the user accessibility to see your house before they even get there lets them know that they validate their own time in wanting to make the time away from their children or with their children, on an off day, out of work, to your home

And the third one is going to be

Making sure that you touch base with your specific neighborhood

There’s no other person that cares more about who’s living next to them

Than the people who are in your neighborhood

The people who have families want to know if they are bringing kids and who’s going to come

And they also, always want to know J, is

What have you done to your home since you have been there?

So they’re pretty excited to come over to the open house and all the other things

And so making sure that you get out in that neighborhood

Making sure that you sign very well

So everybody is talking about it

Word of mouth is still the best way of connectivity in this amazing world


Justen: You know what? I love it

Because you start thinking about what a party represents

And how do you celebrate

Is the foot traffic and the amount of people at your party

But then the amount of people that want to stay

And as a home seller

The ones that want to stay are the ones that write the offers

And so again Korey, great words of advice

We hope that you guys are celebrating in the real estate market


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