Did you know that June is National Homeownership month?

Posted by The Team at iHOMES COLORADO on Monday, June 5th, 2017 at 12:58pm

Did you know that June is National Homeownership month? Are you a homeowner? Are you looking for a new home? Click the video above to learn what National Homeownership month is all about.

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Today's guest speaker:

Landon Stafford is the Client Care Director at iHOMES COLORADO. He can be reached at: lstafford@ihomescolorado.com 


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Real Estate, Real Life, 3 Minutes or Less

Very excited today because June kicks off

‘National Homeownership Month’

And when you start thinking about all of the homeowners out there that are celebrating

Is well, what type of celebrations do we have in life?

And a lot of those are from an event

And sometimes I think about how people celebrate after winning an event

You start thinking of maybe like a fight

And the reason why I say that is

I have a boxer with me here today

And you think about, hey

Being in that ring and celebrating at the end of it

Is well,

What about the fight for real life for people?

And what they go through in

How do we celebrate being a homeowner?

But really, how do we celebrate our life?

And you start thinking about all the battles that people have with

Health, finances, family

And now you really start thinking about

Well how does that correlate into real estate?

In Colorado it’s the most exciting market ever to become a homeowner

However, there are some fights and some battles that you have to have

Which are also why it makes it such a big celebration

When you become a homeowner

So again, having somebody in your corner

That gets back up

Somebody in your corner who keeps on going

And somebody who really is there and better prepared for the fight of

Getting you a home, as opposed to maybe you are

In the fight that you’re having in your real life

Is, that it’s such a great celebration

And when we start thinking about National Homeownership month

What are we really celebrating?

And what do people say, being a home owner, that celebration is really all about Landon?


Landon: So the first thing that I think of what we fight for

Is stability in our life

You know, with all this chaos at times and transitions

Ultimately having that stability in having your own home

Is absolutely critical

And then, the privacy

Having your own space, being able to do what you want

And that creativity

Is all so incredibly important

And then the financial investment

I mean, what an awesome thing to have

Just knowing that you can fall back on that nest egg if you ever need to

Is absolutely incredible

The thing that is most important to me,

Is family. That component

And being able to share that space

Being able to have that

And my daughter is everything to me

And having that home for us

Is absolutely incredible

And I absolutely fight for that


Justen: Right, and so to everybody out there

Being that, hey

When we celebrate National Homeownership month

All of us want to celebrate that even those that don’t have it yet

So when you start thinking about

Hey, to all of those who have found home ownership

Congratulations! Let’s celebrate!

And for all of you who are looking to have homeownership

Just remember, from the family

And what real life really represents

But also, it still remains the number one choice of long-term investment

Here in America

And when you start thinking about

“Hey. Well, where do I go? Where do I start?”

There’s a ton of people out there who are ready to fight for you

And there’s a ton of people out there who will make sure that you can start celebrating too when it comes to being a homeowner


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