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Buying a home shouldn’t be stressful. As a home buyer, you should be excited about your new home, from the style of home it is, to the number of rooms, to the style of kitchen or yard that it has. You should have a team working by your side that will provide you with the knowledge and guidance that you need in order to buy a home on your schedule. You should also have a team that will keep you motivated and inspired if home buying becomes stressful or tough.


Meet Gavin and Matt, two of our Real Estate Agents. In this short video, they will take you through what buying a home means to them, how they help their clients buy real estate in Denver, and why they like working with iHOMES COLORADO.


Get excited about buying a house! Come behind the scenes with us.

A big thank you to Zillow for creating

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Carmen and Scott: Client Experience with iHOMES COLORADO

Carmen and Scott are two of our clients who recently closed on the sale of their home and they are pictured on the left with Justen from the TEAM at iHOMES COLORADO. Pictured on the right is Raquel and her father along with Jesse from the team. Raquel is now the proud owner of Carmen and Scott's home. Raquel was so grateful for the excellent condition the home was in and she loves her home for so many reasons. Carmen and Scott were so thoughtful and kind towards Raquel by leaving her and her family a Christmas tree to come home to. We cannot begin to express how much we love our clients. Their stories of excitement and beginning a new chapter of their lives with the purchase or sale of their home inspires us. Their thoughtfulness and kindness drives

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We are very excited to share with you our first ever video testimonial from one of our recent clients, Anna. Anna and her husband started their home search earlier this year but they quickly became frustrated when they lost a bid on a home they loved. Watch their story below on how their frustration turned into happy home ownership. Thank you Anna for sharing your experience.

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