Carmen and Scott: Client Experience with iHOMES COLORADO

Posted by Isaac Mittan on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 at 7:00am

Carmen and Scott: Client Experience with iHOMES COLORADO

Carmen and Scott are two of our clients who recently closed on the sale of their home and they are pictured on the left with Justen from the TEAM at iHOMES COLORADO. Pictured on the right is Raquel and her father along with Jesse from the team. Raquel is now the proud owner of Carmen and Scott's home. Raquel was so grateful for the excellent condition the home was in and she loves her home for so many reasons. Carmen and Scott were so thoughtful and kind towards Raquel by leaving her and her family a Christmas tree to come home to. We cannot begin to express how much we love our clients. Their stories of excitement and beginning a new chapter of their lives with the purchase or sale of their home inspires us. Their thoughtfulness and kindness drives us to want to do more for our clients and community. Raquel, Carmen, and Scott, thank you for trusting the TEAM at iHOMES COLORADO and allowing us to earn your business. Carmen and Scott, thank you so much for sharing your story and experience of working with iHOMES COLORADO– we are so very thankful.

Carmen and Scott: Client Experience with iHOMES COLORADO

“The team at iHOMES COLORADO is remarkable. We were attempting to sell an investment property by ourselves, For Sale By Owner. We elected to sell our property by ourselves because of the horrible experiences and loss of sales we had experienced with previous selling agents and previous properties.

In most cases the listing contract expired and we ended up selling the property ourselves, after months of the property sitting on the market. We have never had a problem with paying the buyer’s agent but once we signed the exclusive listing agreement with a Listing/Selling agent the urgency of selling our property took second/third/fourth/etc place to whatever the Listing/Selling agent might have going on. Thus our experience with Listing/Selling agents was not good.

We placed our property on Zillow and during the first three days we received a couple of inquiries but no requests for showings. During this same period we received over 30 calls from real estate representatives wanting to list our property. We told the people wanting to list our property that we were the listing agent but we were willing to pay the standard 2.8% to the buyer’s agent. The call usually ended with a thank you or a click. Justen, from iHOMES COLORADO, was one of the real estate representatives that called us to inquire about our property. However, Justen continued to call us daily to inquire if the property was still for sale, he was never pushy and always courteous of our time.

We had an open house on Saturday of the first weekend the property was on Zillow. We did have two families show up for the open house. During the open house we received a call from Justen inquiring how things were going. We told him we were in the middle of an open house. He told us that he was also doing an open house or he would come to our open house to help us. This seemed very strange to us that a real estate representative would offer to help us with an open house when we didn’t have any contract. Needless to say he captured our curiosity plus by now I had talked to him several times. Justen is one of the founding Brokers for iHOMES COLORADO. How often have you seen the owner of a real estate company get involved with you personally?

The Sunday after our open house we decided we needed to get our property in the MLS for more exposure. We selected the MLS package from We were assigned a transaction broker to help us with getting our property in the MLS listing but some of the wording of the contracts was inconsistent causing us to edit the wording or ask questions. The response time of the transaction agent was about once a day, sometimes email and sometimes a phone call. Justen continued to call us daily and on Tuesday scheduled a time to come look at the property on Wednesday. Justen came out on Wednesday, on time and looked at the property then started to ask me questions about who he should contact if he had a buyer. We explained to him that we signed up with and had been assigned a transaction broker. Justen then told us that when an offer is on the table agents need to have quick responses to questions or the seller could lose out on the sale. Given the response time we had experienced with the transaction broker we immediately started asking questions about the process. Justen came prepared, once he had our attention he started showing us data on houses in the neighborhood that had sold, houses still on the market, when the houses (whether sold or for sale) were placed on the market, initial listing price, how often the price was reduced, whether the house was for sale by owner or by a real estate company, etc. It didn’t take long to find out that Justen had done his homework and was serious about helping. We were still skeptical but Justen’s data on properties starting out as for sale by owner only to have the price time and time again was compelling. The next shocker was when Justen offered to do the listing, only asking that we pay him what we felt his efforts were worth. If you are selling your home by yourself just because you don’t trust selling agents to fulfill their tasks then you are shocked to hear someone tell you that you only have to pay them what you think they are worth. Thus, we signed an Exclusive Listing agreement with Justen, iHOMES COLORADO, at around 8:30 PM. Justen had been working with us since 10:00 AM. At this point we had spent more time with Justen than we had spent with any previous real estate representative through an entire listing to listing expiration (meaning no sale) period. We cancelled our listing with Justen was true to his word. At 10:00 AM the next morning (Thursday) Justen was at the property with his professional photographer and pictures of the property were taken. Justen helped us decide on a listing price based on the data of property sales and listings of the neighborhood. The initial listing price is crucial to high exposure and must be fairly close to what buyers are willing to pay for the property.

Justen had the property in the MLS listing before 5:00 PM. Justen emailed a network of brokers to alert them of the property being for sale and let them know that there would be an open house on Saturday and Sunday. Justen and his team distributed almost 500 flyers to the local neighborhood Friday evening.

They did not strictly place a flyer inside a screen door. The team knocked on the door, introduced themselves and left the flyer in the occupant’s hand. In contacting his network of brokers, Justen was able to present us with an offer on Friday evening. Justen discussed the details of the initial offer but it contained some conditions we were not ready to accept and the open house tomorrow so we did not accept the offer.

Saturday at the open house there were cars coming and going throughout the 4 hour open house period. We received an additional two offers, one of which appears very solid. The offer price was slightly over the asking price so Justen did an excellent job in helping us decide on our asking price. The offer we accepted did not contain any contingencies and had a closing date 35 days from the offer date, exactly what we were looking for. Even though the property is now under contract they still held the open house on Sunday. To summarize, Justen and his team have totally changed my opinion of real estate representatives. They truly work as a team. Justen’s knowledge, experience and negotiating skills are extraordinary. He is energetic, concerned about his clients and has a great working relationship with other brokers. He loves his work and it shows. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We feel blessed that he pursued a relationship with us that provided us with some great offers in only 4 short days.

Of course we will gladly pay Justen the standard 2.8% commission that he overwhelmingly earned.”

-Scott and Carmen

Carmen and Scott: Client Experience with iHOMES COLORADO

Carmen and Scott: Client Experience with iHOMES COLORADO

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