Are you taking advantage of when homes come on the market?

Posted by The Team at iHOMES COLORADO on Thursday, May 25th, 2017 at 1:13pm

Are you taking advantage of seeing a home when it comes on the market? Do you know when a potential home has been listed? In this ever-changing Colorado market, Kyle has some great tips on how to take advantage of seeing a home FIRST and how to know when a new home comes on the market.


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Today's guest speaker:


Kyle Blanton is a Broker Associate at iHOMES COLORADO specializing in helping first time home buyers find their perfect home. He can be reached at 720-771-8851 or 




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Justen: Real Estate, Real Life, 3 Minutes or Less


Very excited today

I have Kyle Blanton here with me and well

He’s a repeat agent on the show

And so the nice part with this is that Kyle came to us a couple of weeks ago talking about urgency in the real estate market

And I think a lot of us are feeling urgency over the weekend

And the real life aspect when you think about weather

You think about Colorado, you think about how quick things change

And well, for all of us

It went from a couple of days of great weather

To what we just experienced over the weekend

And so when you start thinking about how quickly the weather can change here in Colorado

That really starts to correlate exactly with how quickly things change in real estate here in Colorado

And so a couple of weeks ago Kyle talked about the urgency that you need to have

In going out within your schedule and seeing homes and seeing those promptly during the week the second those homes became available

Instead of just waiting ‘til the weekends

And so, well that’s great that we figured out that we need to be urgent

But it’s really important when you start thinking about how quick

Listings and homes are coming on the market and coming off the market

Well then, I’m urgent but Kyle

How do I make sure that I can take advantage of when those homes come on the market?

Me and my agent having the right communication to be urgent

And so Kyle

What can people do with their agent to increase that communication?

And make sure that, “Hey. I’ve decided to be urgent.

But how can I be urgent to win some of these contracts and these homes?”


Kyle: Sure Justen

Well, thanks again for having me back on

It’s always great to hang out with you and do these videos

I think that the best way to stay urgent

Or be urgent with your agent

Is really to have an agent that has the tools in place that are necessary for you to act quickly

So, being able to be on the website and press a simple button to communicate with your agent that you are ready to go see a home immediately

Or that you need more information about a home immediately

On to of that, maybe having an application that lets you know about homes as soon as they become available, lets you know which homes are nearby

And then again, just being able to press one button or two buttons to communicate that,

“Hey! I want to go see this home.”

That way you and your agent can get out there right away

And again, put yourself in the best position to be successful in our competitive market

And I think on top of that, of course, making sure that you have a full-time agent who’s capable of meeting those demands and being just as urgent as you are.


Justen: Right. Well I love it!

And so we talk about urgency

And I think that

You know, for all of us we want to live a certain type of lifestyle

But, when it comes to working with an agent

You need a professional right now

Full-time is really what this market demands just due to the lack of supply

And so I appreciate you bringing up the application

Because not too often do we want to throw out iHOMES COLORADO plugs

But at the same time

The iHOMES COLORADO app has an amazing “nearby search” that you can literally send every single listing that you see directly to your agent

With a response time for a showing to go see it within a couple of minutes

So, I think that’s really where it comes down to having the right person

Who can respond to just the needs of what this market is and sometimes we used to be able to do that

Within a flexible schedule but now it really is that urgency

So Kyle, thank you so much

To everybody, thank you for the right to serve you


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