Are you patient and enthusiastic in these situations?

Posted by The Team at iHOMES COLORADO on Wednesday, April 19th, 2017 at 9:03am

Are you patient and enthusiastic in these situations? Click the video to learn more in today’s ‘Real Estate, Real Life in 3 Minutes or Less.’

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Tiffany Traxler is a Broker Associate at iHOMES COLORADO specializing in helping buyers find their perfect home. She can be reached at 720-209-6347 or


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Justen: Real Estate, Real Life, 3 Minutes or Less

iHOMES COLORADO coming to you today

Tiffany Traxler

I couldn’t think of anybody better for our topic today

When we start looking at

Real life, real estate, patience and enthusiasm

And so you start thinking about

Well, why is patience so hard for most of us in our real lives?

And, well that is because I think a lot of times if we can expect a certain outcome

Our patience level is much better

When we don’t see things coming or we don’t necessarily know what to expect

Frustrations and anger arises

And so when you start thinking about

Well, Colorado a demanded place

And, our highways, traffic

Is kind of the same thing

When we know we’re coming down from the mountains on a Sunday

It’s very easy to expect some traffic and be a little bit more patient

When all of a sudden we’re coming down on a Monday

It starts to feel a little different because we’re not expecting that traffic when we run into it

All of a sudden frustrations, anger, those things arise

And it really plays right into our topic today of real estate

And so when you start thinking about what to expect in real estate

How trafficked is the market? But at the end of the day

How enthusiastic should you be when it comes to your patience to find the right home

Tell us a little bit more about what’s going on for first time home buyers

And what we can really expect to make sure that we have the right patience and enthusiasm toward finding a home


Tiffany: Right, so Justen, I think the key point here is to not focus on

Maybe the drive home from the mountains

But the drive to the mountains, when your going snowboarding

How excited are you?

So even if you hit a little bit of traffic, you’re expecting it

You know it’s not that big of a deal

Because you know at the end you get to go down the slopes

Spend the day, have a beer, or whatever it is

That is what real estate is like

You have to remember the final part that you are getting to

Because once we get you that pre-approval

We’re going out and looking at homes every single day


Justen: Okay


Tiffany: And so is everyone else

So yeah, it might be a little bit slower than you maybe expected it

But the end result of you owning a home and getting into that place that you love

And getting to build your family there and start your future there

That’s amazing. So that’s really how I like to look at it

It’s really about the enthusiasm and keeping everyone going

And really just getting you there to the end


Justen: Okay, and so what are some things that your clients have felt that maybe you’ve helped them through

When it was a little busier and harder to find a home


Tiffany: Right, so right now there are a ton of buyers out there

So there are a lot of offers on homes

And, sometimes you get beat out

It’s just, there’s just no way around it

But, we find that

We actually find better homes for you once you keep looking

You know, you’ll always find that home that you love a little bit more

This is a little bit better, this is a little bit better

I just helped a great home buyer

Named Ariana. And we probably lost out on 3 or 4 homes

And then we found her the perfect house in the neighborhood that she thought she’d never be able to get into.

So, things like that happen every single day

So it’s just about keeping looking and keeping that enthusiasm going


Justen: Alright, and so I think a great takeaway from what we talked about

Real life but transition into real estate

Is that it’s going to be a little busy

There’s going to be a little bit of traffic

But for most people

Once they get home, that’s what it feels like

Is that traffic was worth it, the business was worth it

And instead of not going and experiencing the mountains

Not going and experiencing snowboarding

Not continuing the enthusiasm of looking at homes,

Enjoying the person that you get to do that with,

Enjoying just the amount of homes you see

To know that you found the right one

Is at the end of the day, it sound like everybody beats the traffic,

Everybody finally finds their destination of being home

And that’s why I love your story

I love hearing about how much you guys are in it for your clients

And so,


In It For You


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