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Monthly Archives: January 2022

    2022 Housing Market Forecast [INFOGRAPHIC]

    By iHOMES COLORADO | January 10, 2022

    Some Highlights What does the coming year hold for the housing market? Here’s what experts project for 2022. Mortgage rates are projected to rise and so are home prices. Experts are forecasting buyer demand will remain strong as people try to capitalize on rates and prices before they climb, creating another strong year for home sales. Let’s connect so you can make... Read More

    There Won’t Be a Wave of Foreclosures in the Housing Market

    By iHOMES COLORADO | January 7, 2022

    When mortgage forbearance plans were first announced and the pandemic surged through the country in early 2020, many homeowners were allowed to pause their mortgage payments. Some analysts were concerned that once the forbearance program ended, the housing market would experience a wave of foreclosures like what happened after the housing bubble 15 years ago.... Read More

    Why Waiting To Sell Your House Could Cost You a Small Fortune

    By iHOMES COLORADO | January 6, 2022

    Many homeowners who plan to sell in 2022 may think the wise thing to do is to wait for the spring buying market since historically about 40 percent of home sales occur between April and July. However, this year’s expected to be much different than the norm. Here are five reasons to list your house now rather... Read More

    How Much Do You Need for Your Down Payment?

    By iHOMES COLORADO | January 3, 2022

    As you set out on your homebuying journey, you likely have a plan in place, and you’re working on saving for your purchase. But do you know how much you actually need for your down payment? If you think you have to put 20% down, you may have set your goal based on a common... Read More